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What does the financial picture look like for families in Mansfield ISD? Believe it or not, it’s only slightly better than national averages. One in three children in Mansfield ISD come from families struggling to provide the bare essentials. This ongoing financial battle leads to chronic stress in parents which often culminates in divorce, substance abuse and physical health issues. In children, this stress leads to poor academic performance and chronic health issues as well. The unfortunate part is that left unchecked, families can easily slip into cycles of poverty. More than 50% of Americans will experience poverty in their lifetime before the age of 60.*

*The Likelihood of Experiencing Relative Poverty over the Life Course, Mark R. Rank, Thomas A. Hirschl, Published: July 22, 2015



Mansfield Mission Center interrupts financial crisis for families and helps them create a long-term plan to turn their financial situation around. Our wrap-around approach helps ensure families are safe by being able to afford to stay in their homes, keeping utilities turned on and food in the fridge. Once stable, coaches give clients the support and resources to create and implement long-term financial and employment goals.

Through financial empowerment, we can build strong families to build a strong community.

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