Interest-Free Loans

Our interest-free loan program is an alternative to payday and auto-title lending. Eligible clients receive interest-free loans to pay for immediate financial needs, and then develop a repayment plan that works for their budget. While repaying, clients meet with an empowerment coach to develop a long-term plan. Clients successfully improve financial stability by starting emergency savings accounts once their loans are paid in full.

To learn more or schedule an appointment for any of our services, please call: 817-473-6650

Hear what others clients are saying: 


Working with the Mansfield Mission Center has helped me stay away from payday loans and I have also learned to save.  I was not able to save a lot at first, only a few dollars a month, but it has gotten easier.  I would recommend the 0% interest loan to anyone.  When I first went to the Mansfield Mission Center, things looked gloomy to me.  But after working with the uplifting and resourceful people there, I am very encouraged.
— Carla, MMC Client

Carla was able to utilize the Mansfield Mission Center's interest-free loan program to help her get through a financial crisis.  Having access to this type of service is crucial to keeping  community members like Carla from turning to predatory lenders in their time of need.