Do I Qualify?

  1. Resident of Mansfield ISD
    Our first priority is to the residents of Mansfield ISD. If you live outside of MISD, contact us to see how we can help.

  2. Within income guidelines
    Mansfield Mission Center serves households with annual income that does not exceed the following guidelines:

Annual Income









How many people in your family?









Next: Provide Verification
Bring the following documents to either

  • Mission Center (777 N. Walnut Creek Drive / Mansfield, TX)

    • To your appointment (call 817.473.6650)

  • Mission Clinic (901 W. Broad Street / Mansfield, TX)

    • Tuesday at 3:00pm

    • Thursday at 7:00am

2. Proof of income

  1. Two recent pay stubs;

  2. Income tax return from the most current year;

  3. Proof child support;

  4. Social Security benefits;

  5. Disability benefits;

  6. Worker’s compensation;

  7. Welfare assistance;

  8. Commissions, fees, and tips;

  9. Government-funded housing; or

  10. Food Stamps

  11. Letter from employer. If you are unable to obtain the above documents (e.g., paid cash, self-employed), please bring a friend or family member who can verify your income source with you to enroll.

1.Proof of Address

  1. Utility bill with your name; or

  2. Rental/lease agreement with your name; or

  3. Driver’s license. If you are unable to obtain the above documents (e.g., recently moved, living with family or friends), please bring someone who knows your living situation with you to enroll.

3.Government Issued Photo ID

If no photo ID is available, we can assist in applying for a photo ID

4.Forms to complete

interest-free loans.png

Interest-Free Loans

We provide interest-free loans to help you meet immediate financial needs. We'll then set up repayment plan that works for your budget and circumstances while offering financial coaching to help you get back on track and working towards long-term success.

Working with the Mansfield Mission Center has helped me stay away from payday loans and I have also learned to save. I was not able to save a lot at first, only a few dollars a month, but it has gotten easier. I would recommend the 0% interest loan to anyone. When I first went to the Mansfield Mission Center, things looked gloomy to me. But after working with the uplifting and resourceful people there, I am very encouraged.
— Carla, MMC Client
financial coaching.png

Financial Coaching

Our free financial coaching service pairs families up with a coach that they can meet with regularly to develop a long-term plan for financial success and stability as they overcome issues like poor credit, unmanageable debt, and lack of savings. Families can decide what financial goals are most important to work on: budgeting, saving, credit, debt, or employment.  


Employment Training & Certifications

We believe being able to earn a livable wage is key to helping you achieve self-sufficiency and support your family. Whether you need help completing your high school education, getting a job certification/training or acquiring skills needed to advance in the workforce, we'll help you find the path that's right for you.

Asset 15.png

Employment Coaching

We can help you with resumes, interview preparation and more as you find success in your search for employment. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants help and is willing to put forth the effort to work. Working with the Mission Center has changed my whole being. The staff helped me with setting goals and motivated me to do things that to me were impossible. It has helped me open up new avenues by meeting new people that I would not have met. This opportunity has given me a higher outlook on life, and a purpose of being.
— Gary, MMC Client
mission market.png

Mission Market

Our market is available to families in need of extra items to supplement their health and nutrition needs. Families can choose from a selection of grocery and toiletry items. 


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Eligible families (with a yearly household income of $55,000 or less) can drop off their tax information and our volunteers will process their return within 3 days.

Asset 20.png

Senior Support

We aim to improve the well-being of seniors and disabled residents living in the MISD community. We assign a facilitator to ensure each individual has access to stable housing, food, and a healthy support system.

thrift store.png

Thrift Store

Our Thrift Store resells gently used items at low prices, including: clothing, housewares, furniture and appliances. Come visit our spacious new storefront, we know you'll find something you love! 

Hours: Friday, 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm


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